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TCM #001: 4 ways to accelerate your Klaviyo subscriber growth

Aug 13, 2022

In today's issue, I'm sharing 5 simple ways that you can increase your number of Klaviyo email subscribers.

I've taken my most recent brand from 0 to 37,721 subscribers since I launched on February 4th 2021.

That's roughly 68 subscribers per day over the last 18 months.



But this isn't my first attempt at growing an email newsletter. I've been building lists since 2014 for my brands, but they typically didn't see a 10% opt-in rate.

So, what changed?

I started using multiple approaches to capture potential newsletter subscribers everywhere the brand is active online.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • The brand website

Now, I want to share the five approaches that have worked most effectively, plus one bonus that I'm excited to try in the future. 

Let's dive in. 


1. Facebook lead gen adverts

These have been available for years, but I've never run them with any serious intent. It's an easy way to capture emails without them having to leave Facebook. Interested leads complete a form there and then on the Facebook platform.



But many people, myself included miss the opportunity to grab cheap email addresses and optionally retarget them.

For example, I use Klaviyo to run my brand's email newsletter, but I can't embed a form from Klaviyo into Facebook.

Good news! Facebook allows me to sync those subscribers directly into Klaviyo under a separate list or segment, though.

Every time I send an email campaign or a subscriber enters a flow, I can track the performance of those Facebook leads vs leads from other sources.



Note: Check this connection with Facebook periodically within the Klaviyo integrations tab, as it has a habit of disconnecting every 60-90 days.



So far, that's helped me capture 701 email addresses for this brand at £0.29 / £0.35 per email.


2. Turn on opt-in at checkout

Shopify natively has a setting within the checkout settings to automatically opt-in email subscribers. 

Now, it's worth noting you need to check whether you can do this in your location – depending upon GDPR, etc.

However, if you can, it's an easy way to capture leads abandoning the checkout process halfway through and opt-in new customers as they're checking out for their order.



Make sure you also have this integration enabled in Klaviyo so that every time someone opts-in via your Shopify Checkout, that email address and customer data is automatically pushed over to Klaviyo.



While Shopify doesn't give a report on this opt-in rate, I can hypothesize that a big chunk of subscribers come from here, given that 24,334 people reached checkout in the last 18 months



3. Create a compelling popup

Once I have an active lead browsing your website, I want to ensure I capture their details and have them opt-in even if they stay on the site.

An exit popup is simply a popup message that encourages the shopper to enter their email address if they display the behaviour of leaving the website. 

I can also have this trigger based on time or scroll depth. I test this a lot over time, but when I first start, it's often only on exit intent. 

The key is to make it a compelling offer or reason for the user to opt in. Examples include small discounts, giveaways, and lead magnets such as free guides. 

Hopefully, you get the idea. 

By capturing an email address, I can then:

  • Put them into an abandoned cart flow
  • Put them into a post-purchase upsell flow
  • Email them with future brand and product updates
  • Retarget them via their email on Facebook Audiences
  • Retarget them on other ad platforms
  • Create a lookalike audience

You can see how we build this in Klaviyo:



And how we run tests based upon exit behaviour, timing, copy, and elements inside the popup window.



This is regularly bringing in 2,000-3,000 subscribers via these popup forms every month.



4. Make use of the footer

Most store owners leave their Shopify footer as the default to opt-in language. 



It's a missed opportunity to capture someone who has scrolled down to the bottom of your site but is still on the fence. 

I ignored it for a long time too, so don't feel bad.

It's a great way to capture the information of anyone who saw our popup but closed it before opting in. 



I will usually repurpose the offer I displayed in my popup, such as 10% off your first order.

Again, the data here is hazy as Shopify doesn't report this to us, but it's a great use of that footer space as it isn't pushing any of our other content down.

It's my last-ditch effort to capture a lead. 


5. Drive social media visitors to a landing page

This last one is something I'm excited to try and make more use of. Why?

Because I've read about the effectiveness of dedicated landing pages for Shopify stores by people like Nik Sharma, who runs the incredible agency,



The goal is to educate a prospect on our brand and the benefits of our products first or to have them enter a giveaway where we can then remarket to them via email and paid media.



This is something I plan on testing on my latest brand in the very near future. 

That's all for today!

4 ways to accelerate your Klaviyo newsletter subscriber growth (plus one bonus).



  1. Facebook lead gen ads
  2. Turn on opt-in at checkout
  3. Create a compelling popup
  4. Make use of the footer space
  5. Drive social media users to a landing page



See you again next week. 


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