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$1,000 / month

6 of 10 Slots Remaining

  • Two shoutouts per month on Twitter (X) and LinkedIn (minimum)
  • Logo in weekly newsletter twice per month
  • Two mentions per month on Instagram Stories (minimum)
  • Mentioned at our DTC dinners every 6 – 12 weeks
  • Organic mentions in content where relevant
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$5,000 / month

2 of 5 Slots Remaining

  • All Bronze Benefits
  • Three dedicated posts per month on Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok (minimum)
  • Featured in one YouTube video per month (minimum)
  • Mentioned in one podcast episode per week (minimum)
  • One dedicated Instagram Reel per month
  • Recognition at our DTC dinners every 6 – 12 weeks
  • Ticket to DTC dinners & hosted events
  • Whitelist social content from Tom's social accounts
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$15,000 / month

2 of 2 Slots Remaining

  • All Silver Benefits
  • Logo in all YouTube videos and shorts
  • Dedicated segment in weekly newsletter
  • Dedicated long form article in newsletter once per month
  • Co-creation of one piece of content per month
  • One of two primary sponsors for webinars / Q&A sessions
  • Direct audience engagement on various platforms
  • Official podcast sponsor with callouts at beginning and end of every episode
  • Prominent recognition and speaking opportunities at our DTC dinners every 6 – 12 weeks
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10 Slots Remaining...

The Reach 

Scaling Together – Projected Breakdown

We're not just aiming high; we're charting a course for exponential growth. Here’s how our reach is set to skyrocket over the next 12 months, combining our existing organic clout with a strategic $10K monthly ad spend to increase your brands exposure.  

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