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Free Guides for Ecommerce Entreprenuers

I receive a ton of emails and DM's that ask me for advice on a wide range of topics related to ecommerce – from growing on social media, to finding profitable products, to what tools to use to scale and communicate with your customers.

Much like you, I'm still figuring it all out, but here are some guides that cover what I've learnt over time.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

I want to teach you how to choose a winning product by focusing on a small group of people with a specific problem, need, or desire. This guide shows you how to apply this method.

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How to Run Facebook Ads In 2023

Apple's iOS-14 update made targetting and attribution harder than ever. This guide is how we approach and continue to grow DTC brands with Facebook Ads.

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My Shopify Tech Stack

As a Shopify merchant, choosing high-quality, affordable apps and other technology is a vital part of building out my Shopify stores and the DTC brands I work with. This full list shares all of the tech I use to manage them.

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