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Shopify-Focused Founder?  Work 1:1 With Me

Thriving as a solo Shopify-focused founder can be lonely and difficult. 

If you're head's spinning from wearing multiple hats and trying to keep everything moving forward, I get it. When you don't have anywhere to turn for help, support and advice, it can be easy to feel stuck.

If you're struggling to prioritize, get started, or know how to move forward and feel motivated, I'm here to help. I'm a 3x Shopify merchant myself and have been successfully advising hundreds of merchants since 2019.

Book a coaching call below & let's get you unstuck.

P.S. If you don't receive any value from the call, simply tell me, and I'll issue a full refund.

1. Just getting started? Let's find your customers online & determine your products.

I've built all three of my online businesses by going to where my customers already hang out. Then building products and services around them. Let's work together to discover who your audience is and where they are to launch your ecommerce business to customers ready to buy.

45 minutes. Currently booked out 1-2 weeks.

→ A more affordable alternatives can be found here.

Book Your 1:1 Audience & Product Discovery Call

2. Already have traction? Let's build out or improve your business.

I've worked with hundreds of Shopify & Shopify Plus merchants, as well as creators looking to launch their businesses, that are unsure of where to focus to maximize results. We'll walk through strategies to niche down, create 2-5 products, raise prices and 5x your business efficiency.

45 minutes. Currently booked out 1-2 weeks.

→ A more affordable alternative can be found here.

Book Your 1:1 Ecommerce Strategy Call